bti products: Specialists in Microbial Detection and Control


On-site inspectionBTI Products’ MIC experts are backed by over 30 years experience testing, mitigating, and monitoring microbial problems in a variety of industrial settings.  With strong, real-world experience in a variety of industries, BTI Products can provide solutions to your microbial and corrosion problems.







Services offered by BTI Products include:

  • analysis of samples for MIC-causing organisms
  • design of facility-specific programs/protocols for diagnosis, treatment, recurrence control, prevention, and monitoring of MIC and other microbial problems
  • on-site assistance and oversight of diagnostic testing, mitigation, and monitoring
  • test kits and equipment used in diagnosis, mitigation, and monitoring of MIC and other microbial problems
  • support for clients in legal issues involving litigation
  • personnel training

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