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Prevent and control MIC and other forms of corrosion by properly treating your systems using BTI Products’ treatment line. 

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MICtreat® FPS System: C Series (Large)
MICtreat® FPS System: C Series (Large)
  • Use in FPS to automatically deliver the proper amount of treatment chemical(s) to prevent the occurrence or reoccurrence of MIC and to greatly reduce corrosion involving oxygen.  For most effective treatment of newly installed FPS, use the MICtreat® FPS System before commissioning the FPS.  For existing FPS, use the MICtreat® FPS System after mitigating any existing corrosion, including MIC, in the FPS.
  • Use in FPS with system volumes greater than 5,000 gallons.
  • Ideal for treating all types of FPS (wet, dry, preaction), whether existing or new installation.  May also be used in antifreeze/glycol systems.
  • Note:  MICtreat® FPS System is most effective when used with BTI Products’ MICtreat® FPS Chemical.  BTI Products can provide detailed, facility-specific protocols for treatment of FPS.  See Services>Consulting Services>Mitigation Protocols for further details.

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