On-site Services

Need an expert in MIC and other microbial problems?  Don’t come to us, we’ll come to you.  With over 25 years experience handling microbial issues in a variety of industrial settings, BTI Products can work with you and your personnel on site to solve your microbe-related problems.

From facility assessments to mitigation management and personnel training, BTI Products offers an array of on-site services to aid our clients in effectively and economically achieving exceptional results.

Diagnostic Facility Assessments

If MIC or other microbial-related problems are suspected, identifying the problem and its extent and severity is key to treating the problem effectively and economically. Our MIC experts will come to your facility, perform tests on site, and provide an analysis of the situation and recommendations for mitigation. Formal analytical reports are provided for all site visits.

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Mitigation Management

Effective, safe, and economical mitigation of microbial problems not only depends upon proper assessment but proper implementation of mitigation measures. Our MIC experts will come to your facility and work with your personnel to properly and cost-effectively treat your system for microbial problems.

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Personnel Training

While on site, BTI Products can train your personnel in effective, safe, and economical diagnostic facility assessments and mitigation management. BTI Products can also provide written protocols specific to your facility for future use by your personnel.

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